Setting Up Notifications

Setting up Email and SMS Text Notifications

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mHelpDesk allows you to send out automated notifications via email and text message for a variety of instances!

Where Are My Notifications?

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on Other

  3. Click on Notifications (please note, only Admin level users can access Notifications)

  • Check the box next to the notifications you would like to enable.ย 

  • You can send notifications to the person assigned to the job, to the Customer, or to any Admin level users!

  • You can also Customize some of the notifications with your own message! Just click on the blue Customize Message link next to the notification (screenshot below) to edit the message template.

  • You're all set!


  • Recipients of SMS/text message notifications will need to Opt-in to continue receiving text messages. If you or a customer are not receiving text notifications, try replying to a previous text with "START" to make sure you are opted-in correctly.

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